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7 Essential Website Strategies To Increase Your Profits

Ever since the Pandemic has hit, Physical stores just don’t seem to be practical anymore. What your business needs, is an online presence as it can result in massive changes to any business. Your customer’s buying decision has moved online- so your website has moved from being important to being critical.

In today’s fluctuating economy, the average conversion rate is 1%. In a good economy, you can get away with this. But in a tough economy, this can destroy a business. Your website is a gateway for your business. Due to the radical change in social media, many of your customers are now ‘living’ on these social media platforms. Hence, you must have a powerful presence across all the main social media platforms.

Here are the 7 essential website strategies to increase your website profits by 100% to 250%:

1) It’s all about conversions

Your website must be optimised for conversion and response; NOT for design. Make sure you include Video content, a headline, CTA, contact options and establish a purpose for your homepage.

Purpose can be anything from you wanting to sell something to your customer, or wanting them to fill a form or wanting them to call you. Follow the 8-second rule: 50% people leave within 8 seconds of visiting your website and you need something to make them stop. This is where video content plays the role.

2) You must have a ‘mobile-first’ website

There is a difference between ‘mobile first’ and ‘mobile friendly’. The former is when you build your website first only for the mobiles, and the latter is a site that functions on mobile. 70% people will access your website through their phones and customers behave radically differently on mobiles. Hosting and speed is also important to keep them stuck to your website, along with video content. People are impatient and every second counts.

3) You must have a powerful social media presence across Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn

The look, feel and branding of your social media accounts should reflect the look, feel and branding of your website. Post fresh content, weekly. Make sure you’re there speaking to your customers on video- not only on the website homepage, but also on the unique Instagram reels.

4) Video is a must, it’s not an option

People are attracted to multimedia. It solves the 8-second problem we mentioned in the first point. A two to three minute video with minimal graphics and text can do wonders. Also, make sure that YOU are visible in this video content. Voiceover sounds professional, but seeing the actual face behind the hard work feels personalised and this can make people loiter around your website for a little longer.

5) Changes in online marketing which impact e-commerce, lead generation and local business

Your checkout process is 10 times more important than anything else. Take a look at your abandonment rate and study it carefully. Compare and get inspired from amazon and other successful e-commerce platforms. Reduce the steps, simplify the process and test it out. Put in a live chat bot and phone number for immediate assistance.

6) Content is king

Having a thoroughly planned content calendar is a must. This can be for all your social media platforms and even for the blogs that you post on your website. Post weekly content, and make sure some of it is video content. Videos work well on Facebook, and with the introduction of reels on Instagram, video content is everywhere.

7) Website and Social media integration

With the Traffic x Conversion Formula, you can infer that you have a successful integrated website and social media presence. More traffic results in more conversion. And to drive traffic, you need a well equipped team. A web designer, web developer, web copywriter, video producer, video editor, video copywriter, video VoiceOver, experts and copywriters for social media, a mobile partner and an account manager to bring it all together.

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