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Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing: How One Differs from the Other

Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing: How One Differs from the Other

What is digital marketing? What is traditional marketing? If you’re in the marketing profession for years, you probably already know the answers. But if you’re still learning the ropes, then read on. 

Traditional marketing is the use of standard marketing ideas and materials, such as billboards, print, TV ads, banners, flyers, and standees when campaigning for a product or service. It does not allow any interaction from the audience directly. 

Digital marketing, on the other hand, is a type of marketing that mainly happens online, whether on social media, search engines, and websites. With digital marketing, you can expect direct interaction from your audience through comments or emails. 

Difference between digital marketing agencies and standard marketing agencies

Some businesses do not delve much deeper into marketing and just let their products and services sell on their own. The downside to that is not being able to convey their message across, resulting in a lack of sales, and possibly, business loss in the end. Those who invest in marketing efforts, on the other hand, have a high chance of getting their much-needed return of investment (ROI) quickly and effectively.

There are two types of marketing agencies to handle such business campaigns: digital marketing agencies and standard marketing agencies.

Standard Marketing Agencies

If you are starting small, the market for a digital agency Australia offers isn’t huge yet. And that’s where standard marketing agencies come in. They are experienced in coming up with business taglines, designs, and content for the banners and flyers. However, the data for the campaign won’t be available to you, which means you won’t know if the campaign was successful or not. This is a disadvantage if you are someone who wants to grow in your field

Digital Marketing Agencies

What is digital marketing? In a nutshell, digital marketing is the use of the internet to convey your business message across your target market. Some of the platforms you can use are social media, search engines, and emails. The advantage of investing in digital marketing campaigns is that you have control over the demographics of your audience, allowing you to target your strategies to the right people. 

Working with a digital marketing agency Australia has enhances and improves your performance, as they have the right tools to do so. They will send reports on a monthly basis, so you will see the data firsthand. This data will then be used for the next campaigns. 

What specific services do digital marketing agencies provide?

Digital marketing agencies cover several services, including the following:

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO 

The aim of SEO strategies is to put your name on the first page of search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.). An SEO Specialist pulls out data from Google Analytics or other tools to use for your campaigns. 

Pay Per Click or PPC 

PPC is one of the services that helps improve your ROI quickly through the use of ads. A PPC Specialist uses a tool to generate keywords to use for your campaigns. 

Website Design 

In this modern digital world, businesses should anticipate that their audience is mostly online already; hence, a website is necessary. A good website broadens your reach, as it puts your name in search engines. 


Your campaigns won’t be as effective as you expect without well-written content. Whether it’s blog posts, landing pages, newsletters, and emails, quality content is essential.

Social Media

Most social media platforms are easy to manage. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn all have a huge audience reach. However, digital marketers can manage it better using the latest tools and strategies. 

How are these services more powerful than general marketing tactics?

Aside from easy access to your online platforms, digital services offer more edge than traditional tactics when it comes to business campaigns. Statistics show that active internet users around the world as of October 2019 has reached 4.48 billion. Imagine being able to engage and interact with even half of that! And you don’t get that opportunity if you opt for standard marketing techniques. 

How digital marketing benefits everyone

What is digital marketing aiming for?

There is only one purpose for digital marketing, and that is to put your name across the web. Every business deserves a spot online, even a start-up business. So whatever your niche is, be it beauty brands as big as Lush or a local bike shop in Austin like Mellow Johnny’s, the opportunity is equal.
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