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    Digital Strategy

    What is a digital strategy? Most people talk about it but don’t really know its meaning.Your digital strategy must form part of an overall business plan and be incorporated into your business strategy.

    Introducing a digital into business may be for various reasons, such as;

    • Increasing your market share?
    • Finding cost savings and efficiencies?
    • A new way of attracting quality staff?
    • Improving communication with your current customer base?
    • Most importantly, for any business, improving your COGS, with a greater ROI.

    Real Marketing, Real Leads,
    Real Results

    InTouch Media Group is designed to manage your entire marketing and creative process from start to finish, so your team has more time to create those unique experiences customers will love.30% of marketers have moved their traditional advertising budget to fund more digital marketing.They’ve come to realize if you own a business in 2019, you need an online presence and with so many digital options to choose from, you need a plan.This is where a digital marketing strategy that works and is effective is critical to your business success.You need a blueprint of how to build your online objectives.In business, we all know how important creating a plan is when creating something profitable and sustainable.
    From your website to your email campaigns, creating a digital strategy prevent you from throwing money into ideas and hoping it works. With an online strategy, you can connect your business goals to measure how successful your strategy works Here are five steps to help you

    01. Setting a goal

    Before you get started with any plans, first have a goal.
    Yes, you want to be successful and profitable, however, you need to define your digital marketing goals.
    For example, do you want to increase sales by X%, or perhaps it’s an increase in an email list or newsletter subscription? Or a certain number of likes or shares across various social media platforms.
    Once you decide on what it is, they become your priority and these goals are your guide to your digital strategy plan.

    02. Know Your Market And Platforms

    Marketing across multi platforms can be great, however, in reality not all businesses need to use every digital platform. Knowing your market means knowing where your audience is focused on and the platforms they use. For example if your business has a product catering for males over 60, then you wouldn’t bother having snap chat in your digital strategy. Instead, it may be better that you focus on email or Facebook.

    Knowing your audience and key channels helps reaching your target more efficiently and reducing unnecessary spending.

    03. Content

    Brands now spend 25-40% of their marketing budget on content marketing.
    From emails to blogs, or the various social media platforms, content is the internet.
    In order to get your strategy to work, your content has to be effective.
    When developing your content strategy, identify your audience’s wants and needs. For example, if you notice the same FAQs coming from your customers about a certain product develop an email campaign that educates.
    If you believe that email isn’t the best channel for your target audience, try social or a business blog.

    04. Design

    Planning is all done, it’s now time to get the “wheels in motion”
    Take a step back, have a final review of the strategy you’ve put in place. Ensure you have enough, time, resources and money to execute to achieve the required goals
    At this point, if you’re not totally equipped, then fine tune your list, if you’re happy, comfortable and content with your plan, then you’re all set to commence the journey, away we go!

    05. Monitor and Measure

    Now you’ve kicked off your digital strategy, it’s time to “Monitor and Measure”. Every major platform has analytics for you to check your success.
    Also at this time, you need to do “check and balance” of the original goals from step #1 doing this helps to look at what has worked and what hasn’t. Having this information gives you the opportunity to be flexible and fine-tune your digital strategy to create an even stronger, positive and successful outcome.


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