Website optimisation is a compulsion to help your site rank higher. Optimising your website not only makes your website user-friendly but also easy for the search engine crawlers to find the relevance and rank you higher. It also makes your website faster for better user experience.

People have a lot of trust in search engine rankings. The higher you rank, the higher people believe your website to be authentic and useful. Over time, your website gains credibility and higher conversions – which is the ultimate goal. A good conversion rate drives greater sales, increases page views, and helps you target newer audiences easily.

Hacks to improve your website optimisation

Did you know that websites with live customer support chat increases website conversions by 20% and sales by 200%? Well, that’s just one aspect. Here are a few more ways to increase conversions by website optimisation:

  1. Page Speed

Increase the loading speed of your business website page. Even a delay of 1 second can drop your conversions by 7%.

  • Simplify the Homepage

Do not stuff your homepage with unnecessary content. Keep your homepage simple. Add links to relevant landing pages, keeping the site more organised and easy-to-understand. This also makes it easy for the crawlers and ranks your page higher.

  • Short Landing Pages

Keep the landing pages shorter and to-the-point.

  • Remove Captcha

The conversion rate increases by 3.2% when the CAPTCHA is turned off.

  • Add Contact Number

Add your contact details on all the pages, especially the homepage.

  • Mobile-Friendly

Most of the people use their mobile phones to search and make purchases. To give a better user experience, design your website mobile-friendly to increase your conversion rate.

  • Add Payment Button (If Applicable)

You can convert your leads into sales by giving multiple payment options, including online wallets, cards, UPI, and so on. The direct PayPal button increases the conversion rate by 34%.

  • Free Trials/Discounts

Display a banner of promo codes, discounts or any free trials on the homepage. This increases the conversion rate as it gives a sense of urgency as the offer can expire anytime.

  • Add a video to the Homepage

Adding a video to your homepage can also optimise your website and increase conversion over 80%.

  1. Testimonials

Sharing testimonials by users and clients make your website look more authentic and credible.

  1. High-Quality Product Images

Use high-quality images on the homepage, and product pages, as it gives a perception of “better quality” service.

  1. Add FAQ

You can increase conversions by adding an FAQ section of your products and services.

There are many other ways you can optimise your website like a business blog, logo placement, infographics size, and so on. To ease your website optimisation process, let us assist you to boost conversions and grow your business returns!



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