Location-Based Marketing Strategies to Boost Conversions for your Business

Your marketing strategy is a success if your ads are targeting the right people, at the right place and at the right time. Imagine if your services are specifically for people in Perth but your ads are targeted to people even outside your locality. This will reduce your ads ability to target potential customers. This is where location-based advertising comes into the picture. 

Location-based marketing involves two parts – physical location and what platform they are using to get the information. Location-Based marketing promotes your business according to geographic locations. It targets people in a location that is important to your brand. The location-Based marketing strategy also takes into account why the person is in that location, estimates their next move and in which location they are likely to interact with your business.

Why should businesses opt for Location-Based Marketing?

Location-based advertising is a powerful tactic to target mobile device users, as the average time spent on the phone is increasing day by day. Here are some of the additional reasons why you must consider Local SEO strategy for your business:

Generate more sales

Location-based advertising targets clients that are interested in your business and the neighbourhood. For instance, if you have a baking business, your clientele is within your city. In this case, you can create location-based ads that are limited to people within your city, and increase the chances of it reaching potential customers. 

Further Segmentation

Segmentation is grouping customers based on their interest and activities. Location is another way to segment your customers, and local marketing strategy involves creating a messaging that is relevant to your targeted audience in the location.

Location-Based Marketing Strategy 

Here are a few tactics to get you started with local marketing:

Local SEO

Local SEO is the organic traffic derived from your Google My Business listing. You can optimise your Local SEO by creating location-based content and location-specific keywords that will help the potential customers to find your business easily. 

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter allow users to add a location to their posts and stories. This way, you can gain more organic impressions when users search for more posts based on the location. Adding location-based hashtags to your posts can also help to increase reach and get your business discovered by the people living there or who are visiting. 

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising

Location-Based Marketing helps in further segmentation and lets you filter the target audience that has access to your PPC Advertising. This enables you to target a specific group within the location, further avoiding unnecessary clicks from people outside the targeted location.

Indulging Location-Based Advertising into your marketing strategy can be very beneficial for your business. If you still find it difficult to target your potential customers, you can get in touch with a digital agency to assist you in local SEO



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