Modern Marketing in the Modern Tech World

While traditional marketing focuses on company brands, modern marketing puts emphasis on customers and their experience. Today, companies focus on showing customers the value first before pitching their products or services; hence, the popularity of freebies and testers.

Yes, the shift from traditional to modern marketing creates great opportunities. Today, entrepreneurs can expect speed and efficiency in creating and monitoring strategies. However, it also drives significant challenges. Technology is ever-changing. What’s applicable in the past decade is most likely obsolete now. This means marketers also need to stay abreast of tech trends.

Tech advancements to look out for to devise proper marketing strategies

At InTouch Media, the use of tech trends could significantly boost the results of marketing strategies. For entrepreneurs in the tech industry, being the leader could mean enjoying the authority and a huge market share.

Engagement is at the core of every marketing strategy. And to boost engagement, experts suggest maximising the following trends could get marketers a long way:

Artificial Intelligence (AI)
AI is a top business and tech buzzword for the past couple of years. In the future, this technology is expected to play a huge role in marketing. With AI, marketers can expect quick data processing, which also results in creating actionable info faster and a lot more convenient.

One of the applications of AI is chatbot. In Australia, a recent report shows that 43% of customers use service chatbots in the past year, albeit only 35% of the chatbot users received solutions. The good thing, though, is the customers’ growing preference for chatbots. This means that marketers could use a little more streamlining in using this tech.

Voice Search
As people grow ever busier in their daily life, the demand for voice search also grows. The extensive use of mobile devices also drives the growth of more voice-based services. Convenience is king. And voice search offers just that. In fact, 57% of Australians use voice search.

With voice search on the rise, digital marketers might now need to make their content more conversational, such as those used in InTouch Media campaigns. Answers to questions should now be short and simple.

Daily life is rife with stress. And what better way to help people cope with stress than integrate games in online marketing campaigns. Yes, gone are the days when marketing means boring sales pitches and text-based blurbs. Marketers could integrate games and interactive activities on low-converting website pages to increase engagement.

How is marketing in the tech industry different from other industries?

The tech industry is a highly dynamic one with innovations and updates almost every month. This fast-paced nature of doing things affect marketing strategies in a lot of significant ways.

For a start, marketing in the tech industry is highly based on the dynamic behaviour of customers online. For marketers to see results, they need to study first the kinds of websites the customers visit regularly, what they search to find those websites, as well as the duration and nature of their visit. Are the site visitors buying products, watching videos, or playing online games? Are customers looking for answers to questions, creating or sharing files, participating in surveys, or working? Or are customers looking for directions, reviews, and testimonies on the best gadget sellers, PCs, and Hewlett Packard printer repair centers? The answers to these questions will guide experts in creating an apt campaign that will attract the users of specific niches.

Another factor online marketers need to consider is the short attention span of online customers. Campaigns need to attract the attention of the visitors in as fast as 2 seconds. The content needs to be engaging. And ads need to have clear calls to action. Without these aspects, campaigns will go unnoticed, brands remain unknown, and the sales remain low.

What strategies do InTouch Media recommend when creating a marketing strategy?

A lot goes into the planning of marketing strategies. But one key to campaign success that InTouch Media has been using over the years is the five-step process of digital strategy creation – goal, platform and market, content, design, and monitoring.

Goals can either be an increase in sales, engagement, rate, or subscription. And this is tied up to the platform the company is using. Marketers should know whether to focus on the clients’ social media or website. With this in mind, the content will be created to suit the platform and needs of the client. Design refers to the strategy. Specifically, this includes the choice of colour scheme, the number of weeks the ad is run, and modes of syndication. Once all these are set, marketers will then monitor the ad and measure the results based on the goals initially set.

Marketing in the tech industry can be challenging. If you want to try this five-step strategy creation process, contact InTouch Media and seek guidance from experts to hack the code of marketing success and make your brand known, whatever that may be.

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