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    We don’t need to elaborate on what Social Media is. Right now, more than 70% of your target audience is scrolling through various Social Media platforms on their mobiles. Social Media is a non-intrusive, yet intriguing way to reach your potential customers.

    The Formula to Success on social media is with Online visibility. Let us help you with that!

    What is Social Media Content?

    Any form of media that helps you engage directly with your audience on Social Media is Content. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube are now part of a daily routine for millions of people. And now, this online content isn’t limited to just photos or videos. Social media content is now a source of information for people.

    Businesses and brands aim to create a lasting social media presence with quirky campaigns, witty catchphrases, memes and other relatable content on various platforms. This makes a long-lasting impression of the brand in people’s minds. The best thing about Content on Social Media is that it can be planned, or spontaneous in case you decide to jump on a bandwagon of trends!

    How do we develop a Social Media Strategy?

    We can help you create much-needed buzz about your business.

    We follow a certain tactic to achieve great results.

    Define your Goal

    Target Audience and Demographics

    Making a long-lasting impression

    Businesses require assistance with Social Media management. At InTouch Media group, we have been working with a wide variety of businesses and brands by managing their Social Media pages, creating content with pre-planned calendars, scheduling posts, as well as running paid advertisements on Facebook and Instagram. We think of Social Media as a long term goal. We formulate a plan customised for your business accordingly.

    Marketing your brand on Social Media

    For small businesses, having a social media presence has never been easier. It’s free and if the algorithm works in your favour, it provides you with the push that your business needs.

    Many people have a misconception that Social media is all about buying followers, showing numbers and delivering immediate results; when in reality, it is quite the opposite.

    Due to the variety of content that you can put out, having a strong social media presence should be a long-term goal of any brand. This is because a thousand active followers deliver better results than ten thousand inactive followers.

    When it comes to  marketing and advertising, you need to keep in mind that trends are an active part of Social Media Platforms. Paid ads work very well when you have a pre-defined demographic set.

    At InTouch Media Group, we manage your Social Media with Style.

    With a stable growing following, we maintain a pre-fixed aesthetic on all platforms, inspired by the colours of your logo and the brand story.

    We don’t just post content, we tell your story!

    We help you engage with your potential customers at the right time, with the right content, on the right platform. With Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter and Pinterest, we target a large spread of your defined demographic.

    Tailored Social Media Packages for your brand!

    Having a professional by your side to manage your social media can make a huge impact.

    By being constantly ‘InTouch’ with you, we become an extension of your business. We understand your brand  and help you recognise your target audience and tackle that demographic with the appropriate social media platforms.

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    1. What is social media?
    Social Media is quite a broad term. It covers applications or websites that people use to connect with people, create/share content and form a network.

    2) What was the first social media platform?

    The very first social media site was ‘Six Degrees’ created in 1997. On that platform, users could make a profile, upload a picture and connect to other users by sharing messages. For today’s generation, one of the oldest platforms is LinkedIn (launched in 2002)

    3) What is a media agency?

    A media agency strategically plans advertising and marketing content, and where and how to place it for your target audience. These days, they also handle Social media and take over the communication department for you.

    4) What is social media used for?

    Social Media is used not only for communication but also as a source of news and other information. Social media is all about being in touch with family and friends, meeting like-minded people through groups, and sharing/creating content. It has now become an industry.

    5) Who needs social media marketing?

    Every business/brand needs a social media presence. Not just because it is free, but today, it is equally important. Social media helps you connect with your customers and leave a lasting impression in their minds, in a non-intrusive way. More than 2 billion people are scrolling through social media right now. And your business needs to be there, on their small screens.

    6) What info do I need to join social media? 
    Requirements differ from one platform to another. But on most social media applications, you need to give some of your personal details like your full name, user name, date of birth, and create a password. You’ll also need a valid email address to get started.

    7) Which social media platforms should my brand be present on?

    This solely depends upon which audience demographic your brand is targeting. If your target age is a young audience with an age range of 15-30, Instagram is the best platform for your brand. If it’s a slightly older age group, then Facebook it is! Similarly, for an audience under the age of 15, Snapchat is the most active user base.

    8) What’s the best time to post on social media?

    The best time to post on Social Media depends on what platform is your audience the most active on, at what specific time of the day. Insights give you valuable feedback on days and times in which your followers are the most active. Depending on that, one should schedule posts.

    9) How do I measure ROI in social media?

    ROI is an abbreviation of ‘Return on Investment’. Analytics and engagement rate of followers can help you identify your ROI. Today, almost every social media has an insights/analytics page for you to monitor your targets and goals. These metrics need to be checked weekly to keep track of your progress.

    10) What is the difference between an ad and a post on social media?

    A simple post is an organic way of reaching your audience. A Paid Advertisement or promotion requires you to run a campaign on social media where you can fix a budget and run a sponsored post for your desired amount of time. A paid ad helps you target a specific demographic and can instantly boost your social media presence by giving immediate results with views and inquiries- resulting in better engagement.

    11) What kind of content should I post?

    This solely depends on what business/brand category you’re in and what audience you are catering to. You should study your demographic thoroughly before planning what to post. Your content calendar and social media strategy should be planned accordingly. Also, make sure your content changes slightly from platform to platform. Eg. Video content works very well on Facebook and Instagram, while one-liners work the best on Twitter.

    12) What are the benefits of social media marketing?

    Social Media Marketing helps your brand gain visibility. It increases brand awareness. Improves brand loyalty, gives you authority and speeds up growth. It helps generate more leads, which leads to higher conversion rates. Social media is the direct bridge between you and your customers.

    13) How can I improve my social media marketing strategy?

    You can improve your social media marketing strategy by customising content for each platform you post on. By making your content platform-specific, the chances of your current social media strategy improving are better.

    14) What are the 7 functions of social media?

    The 7 functions or foundational blocks of Social Media are Profiles, Conversations, Sharing, Presence, building relationships, maintaining a reputation and formation of groups.

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