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    WebSite Design

    Research, design and build – you’re involved in every step of your custom designed website. A website that will generate leads & ROI. A website that will represent your business and personality in a professional manner you’ll be proud of. InTouch Media Group is a full-service website design company. We can build your entire site for your business, maintain it, and make sure that it stays safe and secure all whilst ensuring you achieve the best possible results tailored to your business.

    Great designs change the way users interact, starting with your website – your website is your business digital shop front. It must have a purpose, it must attract and it must not only maintain customers but retain them to ensure ongoing leads. It’s not a corporate digital brochure. Our design team focuses on the user experience, we take into account expected user traffic, ensure your website is built to scale and devise a long term strategy for future business growth.


    We specialize in designing and building websites that convert your visitors into your customers which ultimately means, more sales, more revenue, more profit. Our brilliant web designers will create concepts and designs from websites to E-Commerce. We will make a design for you that is unique to your business, one that both you and your customers will love.

    Your website is your digital gateway, your shopfront to the world and visitors will make a judgment the minute they land on your page. The words, images, colors, the fonts, movement are all selected for one reason; to make you feel something.

    “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works”

    Our design team has this Steve Jobs quote in their mind every time they’re tasked with building a client’s website, yes, it might “look good” however your website must work for you and your clients.Our team uses their creative instinct and advanced coding skills to design websites that are responsive, functional, user- and search-engine- friendly and offer cross-browser and multi-device compatibility. We then implement the 3 “D” program. Discover, Develop, Deliver.

    01. Discover

    Before we start putting pen to paper, we put the time in to understand your business and the objectives in which you are trying to achieve as a company. We want to discover every detail about your business to ensure that the website we create is unique to your company and its goal. We listen to what you want and want to achieve and then use this information to create the online platform which is most effective to your business.

    02. Develop

    After we have all the information about your business and its objectives it’s time to put pen to paper. We will start to do mock designs of your site and work with you to achieve the site you want. Whilst we will make suggestions and recommendations, we understand that it is your website. We will continue to collaborate with you and share ideas to ensure you get the site you want down to every last detail. We will show multiple types of layouts and design concepts and can alter these to ensure you are actually seeing what you envisioned at the start of your online journey.

    03. Produce

    Once you are happy with the design and layout of your site we can start producing it and filling it with content. We will use the pictures and text that showcase not only your business in general but also target the content of your site to those goals. We will create special landing pages for certain products/services and will tailor the content towards what you want your customers to see and purchase from you. For example, you may have a special on a certain product that you may have extra stock of and need to get rid of. We can tailor your site to help generate leads on that product specifically. Once we have programmed your site and you are happy with it, we will start pre-live operational testing on all areas including response, mobile capability and page functionality.

    04. Deliver

    Usability testing, mobile optimisation, QA, launch and refinement.

    Now we have all the testing and design complete we will run live usability testing on your site. Making sure that now it is live everything is responding well and acting appropriately to various users. We will make any last-minute adjustments and optimize for various platforms such as PC, mobiles, and tablets. We run Quality Assurance tests and make any refinements before everything is completed and your website is now ready to go.We then move into the maintenance phase where we can couple your website with SEO and SEM techniques in order to maximize the results of your site. Your site needs to remain fresh and relevant so we will ensure your site is maintained throughout your online marketing campaign.


    Online Brand Development

    A poorly managed website is nothing more than a digital, corporate brochure and you don’t want your business to be represented by a website that doesn’t represent your brand in a professional manner. We provide website management and maintenance services so your website retains its fresh appeal and provides up-to-date, accurate information to your customers.

    We believe in what we do, we offer a no-contract policy, yes, no contract.If at any time (or for any reason) you decide to give up this fantastic opportunity, you’re never locked in. Just say the word, and we’ll stop billing you from that moment forward. That’s how confident we are that your business will thrive with our online marketing services.

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