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Why Is Video Content Crucial in Your Social Strategy

Video content has become a critical tool for companies to interact with their consumers online in an ever-evolving digital environment.

It’s no surprise that customers prefer video content over other kinds of media, especially with Instagram features like Reels and IGTV on the rise.

In fact, according to a 2018 Hubspot survey, 54% of customers would prefer to see more video content from the brands or businesses they support.

So, why is a video in such high demand? Its appeal is owed to its adaptability.

This is especially essential for companies since videos allow them to convey a narrative, showcase a product, market a service, and amuse an audience all at the same time.

Knowledge-based films, customer testimonials, product explanations, before-and-after trips, problem-solving scenarios, and thought-provoking interviews are just a few examples of how businesses may produce more individualised content.

Videos become more relevant and interesting than static picture equivalents when they have this level of flexibility and depth.

Since people spend more time watching a video than they do look at a static image, social media algorithms favour this type of content, guaranteeing that it is provided more frequently and to a larger audience.

With this in mind, a multichannel strategy can accomplish comparable results without the requirement for additional material. You can communicate a consistent message while connecting with diverse audiences by reusing compelling video material across numerous media.

This is especially important now that video material is becoming more popular on nearly every social media site. Online video consumption has increased from 1.5 hours per day in 2018 to over 2.5 hours per day in 2021, according to the Wyzowl Video Marketing Report.

This type of media is useful to businesses for more reasons than just greater engagement. From raising awareness to driving revenue, video content has the potential to be an all-encompassing approach.

According to the 2018 State of Social Video: Consumer Trends Report, 93 percent of marketers have gained a new client as a result of a social media video.

This is due to the fact that consumers are more inclined to buy a product if they can see how it works and what benefits it will provide.

With 84% of consumers saying they’ve been tempted to buy a product or service after viewing a brand’s video, adding a video to a landing page or website is a wonderful method to raise product awareness and increase the odds of getting a purchase.

Consumers’ faith in the companies they want to buy from is ultimately what drives conversions and sales, and video content is a wonderful method to create that trust.

Audiences may be confident that what they see is what they will get by visually displaying items in a straightforward manner.

More than 99% of individuals who use video for marketing say they will continue to do so in 2021, indicating that video content is at the forefront of the digital marketing environment.

In fact, 80% of marketers say that if they had a simpler method, they would make more films for their digital strategy.

While there are many alternatives and components to consider, starting with something as simple as a smartphone camera and an editing tool like Canva or InVideo might be a good place to start.

If you’re searching for a cost-effective way to market more complex video material for your brand, Intouch Media Group can help. Our creative professionals can assist you in creating an engaging and personalised film that will set your company apart.

So, whether you want to improve your marketing strategy, interact with your consumers on a more personal level, or boost conversions for your company, it’s time to be creative and experiment with video content.



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